Monday, August 15, 2011

Easy Installation Guide for Fantasy Dance Pole - Stripper Pole

Found this easy to follow guide for installing the Pipedreams Fetish Fanasty Dance Pole on Pipedreams blog.  It breaks the installation process down to four easy steps.  All you need is the stripper pole kit, a power drill (which you can use for other things too) or a screwdriver and a stud finder (when I say stud finder, I mean the device you get from HomeDepot that tells you where the wooden beams are behind the sheetrock vs. something that would help women find hot men.  I think I need to develop an app for the latter.)

If you have the tools but missing the stripper pole, you can find a variety of them on, including the Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Dance Pole.

Hope you find this helpful!

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