Wednesday, August 31, 2011

RealSkin All American Whopper - Tiffany's review

My friend Tiffany just did a review for us on the RealSkin All American Whopper Dildo.  Here is a quick glance of her findings:

"I might as well call this review “The Toy That Turned me Straight” or “Lesbian to Bi in 60 Seconds”. Ok, I might be stretching it but allow me to continue.
I have been purchasing sex toys (especially dildos) for years. My first toy purchase was probably 17 years ago at some seedy toy store in L.A. Many years later I am still a huge fan of dildos however I have never been drawn to a particular style or color. If the material felt good and I got off, great! That was until I experienced the RealSkin All-American Whopper."

The full review can be found on Tiffany's blog.  She has such a way with words!
EDIT Feb 15, 2013: Tiffany no longer operates her blog.  But there is a hunch that she posting elsewhere these days. 
Real Skin All American Whopper Dildo

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