Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dress Your Kitty - Pocket Panties

'Dress Your Kitty Pocket Panties' were created quite by accident. As a woman with a full-time career, two active teenagers, and attending graduate school full time I have little time to prepare for long days. On days where work is followed by four hours of class in the evening I would often throw an extra pair of panties in my laptop bag just in case I wanted to feel a little fresher in the midst of a long day. One evening, while at school, I was pulling my laptop out of its bag and out flew my panties with it. My classmates looked at me with these giant blinking eyes and I sat there flush with embarrassment. I quickly played off the moment with the comment to the effect of "oh those are just my backup panties". This is when the idea of Pocket Panties was born.

While some may never understand the need or desire for a fresh pair of panties during a long day, others will blindly understand and just nod in appreciation of the invention of pocket panties. Whether you just have a long day leading to the need to freshen up or the sudden invitation to drinks after work you will always be ready with pocket panties. Each panty is uniquely decorated with Swarovski Crystals and discreetly hidden in a pocket that fits right in your purse. No need to worry about panties flying about as you reach for you coin purse or lipstick!

Pocket Panties are currently only available in a black velour pouch. Coming soon - panties in a tin!  

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