Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sex toy discount code for December

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sex Furniture - Sex Swings, Liberator & Fuck Machines

As creative as you may be, there is only so much you can do with the queen size pillows on your bed. After you exhaust every possible shape and angle, there comes a time when you need some help in achieving those Kama Sutra positions you have been reading about. What you may need to do is invest in some sex furniture.

The sex furniture business has gotten quite a boost over the years with some great ideas on how to improve one's sex life by adding some extras to the bedroom - and beyond.

Liberator is the front runner is spicing things up with Liberator sex furniture. It all started with the wedge and the ramp. Followed by the wedge/ramp combo.  Now they offer square pillows, long round pillows and throw blankets.  Some of best selling items from include the Liberator Zeppelin - which looks like a very oversized pillow that molds to your position and lets you maximize your love-making session with your partner, or partners.  The best way to enjoy your sex toys is with a Liberator Mount.  There is the Liberator BonBon, that allows you to insert your dildo or vibrator into the harness and ride it to your heart's delight.  You've also got your Liberator Pulse, with a neat little slot to slide in your fav vibrator or dildo and get your reverse cowgirl on.  For the guys, they make the Liberator Fleshlight Mount - which allows you to use your Fleshlight hands-free.  Just slip your most desired Fleshlight into the hole and fuck it till the cows come home with ever having to use your hands.

The old-school sex furniture falls into the category of sex swings and slings.  These items have been hanging around, pun intended, for a long time.  There are two basic varieties - temporary and permanent.  The temporary type are called door sex swings.  As the name implies, they usually hang in the door jamb.  The permanent sex swings are often mounted via a swivel that is drilled into a ceiling beam.  When installing these, make sure you pick a beam that can handle the weight of at least one adult and sometimes two.  It would challenging to try and explain to the contractor what happened when he comes over to fix your ceiling if you don't install the sex swing properly.

The most expensive and most complicated sex furniture would be the fucking machines or sex machines. Unlike the other members of the family, these contraptions need some electricity to get things moving.  A dildo is mounted on a piston-action rod and when you flip the switch, you'll be getting fucked non-stop unless someone turns off the juice.  The fucking machine of choice is The Caesar.  The Caesar is easy to assemble and whats better, its easy to store and will fit under a standard bed frame.  The toys of choice are Doc Johnson and will accept any dildo that uses the Vac-U-Lock system.

The Tuggie - the fuzzy sock that warms your cock

First there was the Snuggie, that blanket that you wear.  They now come in all sorts of colors and patterns.  There is one for the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and every other professional and college team out there.  They make them for adults, kids & even pets.

You haven't seen this one on TV before, although the infomercial would be AMAZING!  Yes, its The Tuggie from Pipedream Toys.  It is the only fuzzy sock that warms your cock.  You can wear it to work, to the ball game, out to the club and certainly in the privacy of your own home.  The Tuggie slides over your cock and wraps around your balls to keep you nice and warm on those cold winter nights.  And its stylish too with its leopard print.

As if this isn't enough, there is also the X-mas Tuggie - fashionable in candy cane stripes and perfect for the holidays. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Mia Isabella Fuck My Cock Review by Ty Roderick

When you want to get the best sex toy review, you go right to the source.  Ty Roderick, Mia Isabella's main squeeze has given us his personal review of the Mia Isabella Fuck My Cock masturbation toy.  Since Ty Roderick is fucking Mia Isabella, we couldn't find a better man to tell us just how it feels!  

Ty's Review:

"So when I first saw the Fuck My Cock Masturbator I didn't really know what to think but boy was I happy the first time I used it. The flesh like material feels amazing and the little booty looks very realistic, as you know, I molest  the real Mia Isabella everyday lol. The cock was also very life like and I love the fact that there is no shell on it so you can control the tightness as you see fit. All and all I definitely recommend this to any Mia Isabella fan if you wanna come as close as you can to fucking her sexy little hole and stroking her off at the same time without being here in bed with us."

Who is Ty Roderick, you ask?  He's an up and cumming male adult star on the scene <pun intended, of course.> 

We are waiting for Ty to provide a link to his work, so you can see him in action.  

Sex Toy Discount Code for November is GOBBLE

Now that crazy ass Halloween party is past us - lots of hotties and lots of fun at the after party.  Something about a bunch of swingers in the same hotel really gets you in the mood.

The discount coupon code for November is 'GOBBLE'  Enter the code at checkout and receive 10% percent off every purchase.

Whats better than saving money on sex toys?