Thursday, April 26, 2012

Misti Dawn - Games, Girls, Gonzo

Last year, Misti Dawn hung it up and retired from the adult industry.  As sad as we are to see her leave, we appreciate and support her decision to take her career in a new and exciting direction.  Misti Dawn has taken her passion for video games and fantasy moved onto bigger and better things. While she'll always be a the 'nerdiest girl in porn' - she is destined to a rock star in other areas other than porn.

Misti Dawn does leave behind a number of gems to remind us why she was the hottest redheaded, tattooed geek in the industry.  Below is a list of some of her greatest hits during her short time as a porn star.  Whether you love Misti Dawn fucking girls, taking anal, eating pussy or sucking dick, you will enjoy these DVDs - which are all available on-demand as well.

Geek Girls - The Gamers
It`s time to see which one of these hot geeks will take it to the next level as they compete to see who is the top score whore. Watch as they use their gaming expertise to handle big joysticks and pwn noobs like the pros. It`s gonna be an all out nerd fest as Gia Steel, Misti Dawn, Lea Lexis, and Kimber Peters go up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right... All while getting their buttons smashed. It`s one up for these sexy geeks as they show you what kind of game that they`ve got!

Misti Dawn in Geek Girls - The Gamers
Misti Dawn in Geek Girls - The Gamers

Inkd 2
INK`D Vol 2 brings you some of the hottest girls with Tattoos in the industry. Prepare to get blown away from four bad ass bitches... Watch Coco Ono Velvett jumping on a hard dick while showing off her intense chest piece. Kim Kennedy lets you into her sexy secrets in her exclusive interview, then shows you one of her favorite positions. If you`re into nerdy Alt chicks, check this sexy Ink`d out red head Misty Dawn. Sexy dark haired Veronica Vaughn tells you why she loves her tattoos, and getting Dicked down for a living ....

Girls Girls Girls 2
Let there Be Light ... Let There Be Sound... Let There Be LESBIANS! Set aside your old W.A.S.P. and Winger records and get ready for over two-and-a-half hours of sweet and sticky pussies, teased hair, shapely tits, big asses and skintight leotards, because Joanna Angels GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS II is going to rock you like a hurricane! An all-girl celebration of the ultimate decade of decadence, GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS II features a Motley Crue of spandex-clad supervixens. Joanna Angel, Sasha Grey, Alexis Texas, Kimberly Kane, Misti Dawn, Draven, Allister, Asphyxia, Penny Flame, Cadence St. John, and Regan Reese are the seasoned professionals majoring in finger banging and anal toys, not to mention glam-tastic costumes, big hair, and even bigger orgasms. You`re in for the most totally awesome, totally radical heavy metal pussy-licking fest ever.While every pairing overflows with dirty deeds, the climactic coupling featuring Sasha and Joanna will shake you all night long thanks to the spectacular face sitting and even filthier ass play!Let these wanton wenches take you back in time to the good old arena rock days of hedonistic debauchery and hammer-down rock and roll mayhem! Filmed in HD and featuring headbanging tunes from the Erotics, GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS II is a complete slice of 80`s erotica, from the spandex outfits and teased hair to the zubaz and parachute pants, with plenty of freakin` awesome, high voltage girl/girl action to please even the most jaded porn fan.

Sex Toys, Misti Dawn, Anal Sex

Interracial Candy Stripers
Porn legend Sean Michaels adds an exciting new niche to the Buttman Magazine Choice line of ass-obsessive specialty videos with his new color-line-busting nurse-fetish flick, Interracial Candy Stripers. The director/performer was inspired by his own recent hospital experiences with knee replacement surgery. In four hot vignettes, Sean portrays one lucky patient, the subject of the forbidden longings of the entire nursing staff, as well as a sex-crazed female physician who loves to play doctor!Bronze-skinned, big-assed R.N. Anjanette Astoria preps her injured client for his operation by wetly sucking on his big black cock, then straddling his lap for a long ride. This anally inclined beauty sure knows the cure for the hospital doldrums!We also meet pale, tattooed redhead Misti Dawn, a naturally curvy caregiver who takes care of Sean`s intimate needs in the clinic`s waiting room, and the director gets personal treatment from horny blonde student nurse Scarlett Sweets and brunette seduction specialist Dr. Cece Stone. Even their professional code can`t stop these sluts` biological urges when tempted with a prime slab of dark meat!This sexy feature will appeal to lovers of such taboos as interracial and intergenerational lust, and to fetishists who enjoy the crisp white and red uniforms and sensual take-charge attitude of the modern nurse. Mr. Michaels has taken the healthcare debate to the next level! The disc includes behind-the-scenes footage, cumshot recap, photo galleries, cast list, and trailers.

Punk Rock Pussycat Dolls
From new girls like to longtime favorites, PUNK ROCK PUSSYCAT DOLLS truly has something for everyone. Joanna Angel delivers scene after scene of high volume excitement, beginning with sexy dancer Taysha, who celebrates a dance contest victory by sucking and screwing her man to a vigorous orgasm. Sailor and Maureen shine in back-to-back scenes that show off the girls sexy tattoos, limber bodies, and excellent deepthroat skills. Longtime Burning Angel fans will enjoy witnessing the welcome return of punk rock princess Chapel Waste, who proves that her time away from the camera has done nothing to diminish her sexual appetite. Raunchy redhead Misti Dawn turns in a memorable encounter next, playing a health inspector with a fondness for doggie-style dicking, while alluring Audreys smoldering sensuality gets showcased in a stunning masturbation sequence. As usual with Joannas movies, once the feature is over, a plethora of extras await the viewer, including tantalizing behind-the-scenes footage and a XXX still gallery. Taken as a whole, PUNK ROCK PUSSYCAT DOLLS is fun, hardcore fare in the classic Burning Angel tradition, featuring all of the irony and humor Joannas fans have come to expect and demand.

Belladonna's Hell's Belles
Belladonnas HELL`S BELLES mixes the familiar and the brand-new with a scintillating line-up of sexually adventurous and alt pretty young things who are happy to stretch their limits under the tutelage of everybodys favorite new millennium porn idol! Notoriously extreme blonde kink goddess Adrianna Nicole helps indoctrinate tattooed and lewd Draven Star, Violet Monroe, Jessie Lee, and Misti Dawn into the wonders of polyamory, bisexual ecstasy, with Mr. Pete and Sean Michaels providing the penis! The disc contains over 150 minutes of extras, including behind-the-scenes, trailers, and a cumshots recap. Also included is a special gift for Belladonna fanatics: A temporary tattoo!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Johnny Cash - The Finger say it all

Probably the most iconic and famous photo of Johnny Cash is the one of him flipping the bird.  

Johnny Cash giving his salute to the warden at San Quentin

The finger photo itself was shot at a Cash concert in 1970 at California’s San Quentin prison by photographer Jim Marshall. The pose was the result of Cash’s response to the request: “John, let’s do a shot for the warden.” Marshall has since said it was “probably the most ripped off photograph in the history of the world.”

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FixSation Couples Vibe Review

Recently, there has been a wave of new sex toys for couples hitting the market.  Most of them are inserted into the vagina during intercourse.  We have found a fairly new product that takes a different approach - The FixSation Couples Vibe and Panty.

For starters, let us say that the packing for the FixSation Vibe is both elegant and brilliant.  Too many times, sex toys are packaged in a flimsy box or plastic wrap with completely nude models holding or posing with the product.  The folks at FixSation have taken a more tactful and graceful approach.  The product comes in a glossy black box, decorated with traditional and subtle background behind a beautiful logo.  The tagline on the box is 'Fixate on the Sensation when Friction meets Vibration'.

So what is the product?  Let's open the box.....

What is included?
- The vibrator
- The panties
- A charger
- An elegant satchel to keep it all together.

What is the FixSation?
The FixSation Couple’s Vibe is the ONLY rechargeable, hands-free, non-invasive, clitoral stimulating device that is worn by the woman while making love. The Couple’s Vibe is secured by the backless, crotchless panty companion featuring removable bands that slide through the side chambers of the vibe and fasten to the backside of the panty. FixSation is as sexy, discreet, and comfortable as wearing a piece of lingerie!

Product Highlights

Watch the FixSation video to give you a better understanding of the product and how to quickly put it all together for a wonderful experience.  Now, don't worry - some assembly is required, but is really minimal.  

Now that you have a nice visual, let's cover our experience with the FixSation.

FixSation Review

Like we mentioned, the FixSation is easy to put together.  You simply slide the vibrator on the included panties and put it on like you would any piece of lingerie.  The on/off button set into the top of the vibe unit.  Push the button to turn it on, select your desired vibration speed and you are ready to go. 

If you haven't figured it out yet, this product was designed to satisfy BOTH partners, and it doesn't disappoint.  

We first tried it in the Missionary position with the vibe set to low.  She could feel the pulse on her clit, but, it really didn't do much for him.  (We are using him/her to give you a better idea of who is feeling what.)  So we kicked it up a notch.  That did the trick for both of us.  While he was on top, not only did we both feel the vibrations, the grinding with the vibe rubbing against her clit added to the sensation.  The ridges on the vibe are a nice design as they help to grip instead of just slide around with the movement of our bodies.

Next try was Cowgirl - the favorite position for both of us and when usually climax together.  This time we decided to turn it up to the highest setting.  He particularly liked this position as he could hold the vibe in place while she was riding up top.  After a couple of minutes he also decided to vary the power as we progressed.  (Truth be told, she usually likes to play with a vibrator during foreplay and then move to hardcore fucking after being revved up.)  As he kept it on the high setting, it was obvious that she was going to cum, so he moved it back down to low and hold it firmly against her clit. Within a few more minutes, a deep and heavy moan was followed by a scream - the sign of completion.  The FixSation did it's job and brought her to a fantastic orgasm.  Of course, he held it there for a few more minutes so she could enjoy another one.


The FixSation hits the mark. The concept is fantastic. The design is well-thought out and execution is right on. While the vibrator unit doesn't have the power of the Hitachi Magic Wand, it delivers a nice punch.

The FixSation Couples vibe can be used with a partner or even solo.  If you are looking for a new sex toy to use during intercourse and not one that is inserted into the vagina, this is one worth checking out.  And in these tough economic times, it is moderately priced against its competitors.

Have you tried the FixSation Couples Vibe?  Tell us what you think.

fixsation couples vibe - sex toys for couples

Product Highlights:

- Hands-free
- Wireless
- Hypoallergenic 
- Eco-friendly
- Phlhalate & Latex-free
- Medical grade materials
- Rechargeable 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby's daddy is a metalhead?

Ever get knocked up at a concert?  A 26 year-old from Chicago did and she is looking for the baby daddy.  According to a post on in the 'Missed Connections' section of Craigslist, which has since been pulled, a woman got pregnant in the bathroom of Aragon Ballroom in Chicago during the Megadeth / Motorhead show.  And now she is trying to find guy who joined her in the john.

Apparently, the two metal heads were thrashing it in the pit and decided to take it the next level. What better place than a stall in the nearest restroom.

The full text of the ad is as follows:

"Me: Blue hair, silver tube top, fishnets, Knee high black biker boots.
You: Red mohawk, black pentagram gauges, viper piercings.

I was grinding on you in the pit, then we went to the bathroom, and got fucked up. You had a nice cock and I was wasted so I let [you] raw dog it in the stall. You were really good and you had to gag me so I would make too much noise. 

Anyway I'm pregnant. It's yours. contact me if you want to be part of your child's life."

blue hair fishnet stockings
If this was her, she'd be married in a heartbeat! 

red mohawk

While there are thousands of claims by people that they were conceived at Woodstock, this is the first time that anyone has claimed to have gotten pregnant at a Megadeth / Motorhead show.  I'm sure Lemmy is proud of the activities, and would be even happier if the potent thrasher cums forward (pun intended?).   Dave Mustaine, not so much.  He appears to be hanging out with Ted Nugent lately and will probably rant that she better not end up on welfare and start posting security at the bathroom stalls at all his shows going forward.

Lemmy of Motorhead

Friday, April 13, 2012

Red Rider Strapon Harness and Dildo

The Red Rider Strapon Harness and Dildo comes with a 7" dong.  It is the most popular for extra comfort and is fully adjustable.  The waist straps adjust up 60" while the thigh straps adjust up to 30".

Strapons for Beginners

The 7 inch dildo is removable and can be replace with the dildo or dong of your choice.

The harness also features a handy-dandy pocket to let you slip an a vibrator or bullet.

You can find this along with many other strapon toys at Swingtasic Toys - sex toys for swingers.

red rider strapon harness and dildo toys

Nina Hartley's Guide to Strapon Sex

North Korea missile launch = #FAIL

I guess somebody didn't quite get the message regarding the North Korean missile launch today.

The Heeldo - Reviews

As the Heeldo is gaining popularity amongst the thousands of sex toys available on the market, a number of reviews are popping up.

"Whether you’re looking for something to spice up your solo play or your partner play the Heeldo is sure to please!" 

For the full review from

From The Pleasure Chest
"Either way, we imagine, the Heeldo would provide one helluva workout."

For the full review from 

Still not sure what the Heeldo is?
Its a strapon harness for your foot.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Swingers next door

Found this article about swingers in the Daily Star.  The first question that came to mind is 'Where is this village?  We want to move THERE!'

The gist of it is this couple moves into a new town and is quickly approached by the next-door neighbors.  The neighbor couple drops hints at first, then moves in for the kill.  The new residents aren't into it - and are actually shocked.  Guess they won't be invited for drinks again anytime soon and they certainly aren't swingers nor ready for the lifestyle scene.

"THREE times our new next- door neighbours have invited us to have sex with them.

The first time we were in a pub. The husband was a bit drunk and I assumed he was joking.

But then at a party, the wife sidled up to my lady and suggested a foursome.

It wasn't until we were in their home having a drink last week that I realized how serious they were. The wife asked me to come into the kitchen and once in there, she pushed herself up against me and started pulling at my trousers."

Read the full article here

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Look what you are missing out on, ladies

Apparently, they have this installed in the bathroom at Billboard Magazine in Brazil.

This would take Guitar Hero to a whole new level.  Now, where is that whammy bar?  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Earth Month Sex Toy of the Day - Metal Worx Mr Smooth by Pipedream Toys

Steel butt plug

Give precious metals a whole new meaning with this luxurious metal pleasure plug. Cast in high quality steel and hand-polished to perfection, this cleverly curved anal plug is equal parts art and pleasure. The hygienic metal finish is sleek, nonporous, and easy to clean, while the design is body inspired and made to excite. Each Metal Worx masterpiece comes in a discreet storage case you can use to store your toy after use. The premium steel pieces are great for temperature play stick them in the freezer to cool things down, or place them in a bowl of hot water to heat things up. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. Avoid abrasive cleansers to prevent scratching. Metal Worx Mr Smooth Probe features and functions: cools, warms with the addition of ice or running tap warm. Safe, healthy phthalate free, non-toxic materials steel. Waterproof non-vibrating butt plug. Anal sex toy, prostate massage. Mr Smooth Probe measures 6 inches long by 1.25 inches wide, Girth 4 inches. Probe weighs 1 pound, 2 ounces. Storage Case measures 3 inches deep by 7.5 inches wide and 3 inches high. Packaged weight 2 pounds.

Metal Worx Mr Smooth Anal and Prostate Butt Plug