Monday, April 9, 2012

Swingers next door

Found this article about swingers in the Daily Star.  The first question that came to mind is 'Where is this village?  We want to move THERE!'

The gist of it is this couple moves into a new town and is quickly approached by the next-door neighbors.  The neighbor couple drops hints at first, then moves in for the kill.  The new residents aren't into it - and are actually shocked.  Guess they won't be invited for drinks again anytime soon and they certainly aren't swingers nor ready for the lifestyle scene.

"THREE times our new next- door neighbours have invited us to have sex with them.

The first time we were in a pub. The husband was a bit drunk and I assumed he was joking.

But then at a party, the wife sidled up to my lady and suggested a foursome.

It wasn't until we were in their home having a drink last week that I realized how serious they were. The wife asked me to come into the kitchen and once in there, she pushed herself up against me and started pulling at my trousers."

Read the full article here

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