Friday, June 29, 2012

Keith Haring and TENGA = Artwork Eggs

What do you get when you combine sex toys with artwork?  Answer: Keith Haring x TENGA.

The Keith Haring Foundation has partnered with TENGA, the makers of the 'male pleasure items' the TENGA Egg and the TENGA Cup to produce a new line of toys called 'Keith Haring x TENGA'.  

The Tenga Cup and Tenga Egg line of products will feature artwork from artist Keith Haring.  Now, here's the best part.  Not only, will the artisty be included on the labels of the eggs and cups.  They have incorporated the drawings into the design of the products themselves.  So, as you are stroking yourself with a  Tenga Egg, you will feel the 'etchings' of the artist's expressions on your penis.  

There have been many sex toys that have been considered 'works of art', but, this takes it to a whole new level. See the art, touch the art, feel the art!

This gives me a really good idea for a new concept for an interactive art exhibit.  

The partnership expects the new line of toys to be available via online and retail merchandisers soon.

In the meanwhile, you can see the current lines of TENGA Eggs and Cups and other male sex toys at, sex toys for swingers.

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