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FixSation Couples Vibe Review

Recently, there has been a wave of new sex toys for couples hitting the market.  Most of them are inserted into the vagina during intercourse.  We have found a fairly new product that takes a different approach - The FixSation Couples Vibe and Panty.

For starters, let us say that the packing for the FixSation Vibe is both elegant and brilliant.  Too many times, sex toys are packaged in a flimsy box or plastic wrap with completely nude models holding or posing with the product.  The folks at FixSation have taken a more tactful and graceful approach.  The product comes in a glossy black box, decorated with traditional and subtle background behind a beautiful logo.  The tagline on the box is 'Fixate on the Sensation when Friction meets Vibration'.

So what is the product?  Let's open the box.....

What is included?
- The vibrator
- The panties
- A charger
- An elegant satchel to keep it all together.

What is the FixSation?
The FixSation Couple’s Vibe is the ONLY rechargeable, hands-free, non-invasive, clitoral stimulating device that is worn by the woman while making love. The Couple’s Vibe is secured by the backless, crotchless panty companion featuring removable bands that slide through the side chambers of the vibe and fasten to the backside of the panty. FixSation is as sexy, discreet, and comfortable as wearing a piece of lingerie!

Product Highlights

Watch the FixSation video to give you a better understanding of the product and how to quickly put it all together for a wonderful experience.  Now, don't worry - some assembly is required, but is really minimal.  

Now that you have a nice visual, let's cover our experience with the FixSation.

FixSation Review

Like we mentioned, the FixSation is easy to put together.  You simply slide the vibrator on the included panties and put it on like you would any piece of lingerie.  The on/off button set into the top of the vibe unit.  Push the button to turn it on, select your desired vibration speed and you are ready to go. 

If you haven't figured it out yet, this product was designed to satisfy BOTH partners, and it doesn't disappoint.  

We first tried it in the Missionary position with the vibe set to low.  She could feel the pulse on her clit, but, it really didn't do much for him.  (We are using him/her to give you a better idea of who is feeling what.)  So we kicked it up a notch.  That did the trick for both of us.  While he was on top, not only did we both feel the vibrations, the grinding with the vibe rubbing against her clit added to the sensation.  The ridges on the vibe are a nice design as they help to grip instead of just slide around with the movement of our bodies.

Next try was Cowgirl - the favorite position for both of us and when usually climax together.  This time we decided to turn it up to the highest setting.  He particularly liked this position as he could hold the vibe in place while she was riding up top.  After a couple of minutes he also decided to vary the power as we progressed.  (Truth be told, she usually likes to play with a vibrator during foreplay and then move to hardcore fucking after being revved up.)  As he kept it on the high setting, it was obvious that she was going to cum, so he moved it back down to low and hold it firmly against her clit. Within a few more minutes, a deep and heavy moan was followed by a scream - the sign of completion.  The FixSation did it's job and brought her to a fantastic orgasm.  Of course, he held it there for a few more minutes so she could enjoy another one.


The FixSation hits the mark. The concept is fantastic. The design is well-thought out and execution is right on. While the vibrator unit doesn't have the power of the Hitachi Magic Wand, it delivers a nice punch.

The FixSation Couples vibe can be used with a partner or even solo.  If you are looking for a new sex toy to use during intercourse and not one that is inserted into the vagina, this is one worth checking out.  And in these tough economic times, it is moderately priced against its competitors.

Have you tried the FixSation Couples Vibe?  Tell us what you think.

fixsation couples vibe - sex toys for couples

Product Highlights:

- Hands-free
- Wireless
- Hypoallergenic 
- Eco-friendly
- Phlhalate & Latex-free
- Medical grade materials
- Rechargeable 

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  1. Great review! I know we love this toy too... Glad to see that others are enjoying it!